Blake Farber

Blake Farber is a writer-director based in New York City. Who isn't in one place for very long. Known for his work around the globe, Blake is always on a plane heading towards a new adventure. The son of not one but two fine art photographers, Blake began his own career in film at a remarkably young age. Living on his own in the East Village of Manhattan since he was a teen, Blake quickly began work in the field of music videos, culminating with his direction of Beyonce's "Countdown". Transitioning rapidly into the commercial world, Blake helmed campaigns in over 30 countries for top international brands such as Nike, Pepsi, Toyota, Apple, Olympics, Ray-Ban and Guinness. Currently dividing his time between his homes in New York City and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Blake is currently in development of his debut feature film based on his adventures as a journeyman visual artist.


USA: Director Blake Farber retraces the journey to take the Kenyan commercial 'Go Ahead' from concept to the screen.

For the KCB Bank Kenya commercial 'Go Ahead,' director Blake Farber and cinematographer Nicholas Bluff collaborated to craft a portrait of the vibrant people, places and spirit of Kenya. As the director reveals, though, taking the spot from concept into principal photography in mid-2020 wasnt without its challenges....

USA: ARRI Signature Prime lenses on Pepsi commercial

Blake Farber and director of photography Corrado Serri AIC share their experience shooting with the Mini LF and Signature Prime lenses for Pepsi's 'Discover' commercial....

USA: Could Brazil's Latest Music Sensation Anitta Be A Global Superstar In The Making?

Anitta, who is only 20 years old and whose real name is Larissa de Macedo Machado (her stage name was inspired by the main character of the Brazilian 2001 miniseries Anita’s Presence, an 18-year old lolita-type girl who is described by the singer as “amazing, sexy without being vulgar, girl and woman at the same time”), became a national star in Brazil earlier this year thanks to the hit song ‘Meiga e Abusada,’ something like “Sweet and Pushy,” whose video clip was filmed in Las Vegas and directed by Blake Farber, the New York music video producer...

USA: The Reveal: Ozonna on Safari to WONDERLAND

The lyric says 'take a chance', and that's what autodidact filmmaker Blake Farber does with two music videos shot in South Africa with the Nigerian-born singer/songwriter Ozonna. Following the release of 'Believe It to See It' on his debut EP, Ozonna now releases a new single entitled 'Wonderland' with the publication of this article.

Italy: VEVO Best Video of 2014: Emis Killa - Maracana

Emis Killa ha vinto il Best VEVO Italia Video 2014 con il videoclip del suo singolo Maracana, che su YouTube ha totalizzato piu di 20 milioni di visualizzazioni.

India: Director is inviting you to collaborate with him in India

Manchanda and Farber embarked on a campaign that would provide an international platform to musicians in Mumbai. Titled Parivar Tea Canvas, the project will select seven artists from the city and give them an opportunity to work with Farber on an independent music video....

Japan: SHUTTER magazine Vol.11 [特集] Fashion&Films ファッション&映画、そして写真の関係。

※書店のみなさまへ SHUTTER magazine はカメラ雑誌ではありません。写真を中心に、アート、ファッション、音楽、映画等をテーマにしたカルチャー誌です。カルチャー誌コーナーでの取り扱いをお願いしております。ご協力のほどよろしくお願い致します。

Brazil: Diretor do clipe 'Meiga e abusada' diz que Anitta foi a cassino 'escondida'

Americano Blake Farber conta essa e outras histórias da funkeira ao G1. Ele trabalhou com cantora carioca em clipe...

India: Sundogproject Collaborate With Blake Farber For Upcoming Music Videos

Delhi-based indie electronic act Sundogproject recently shot music videos with New York-based music video director Blake Farber, for 'Tauro', and 'Bicycle'.

Korea: Teen Top Wows MV Director Blake Farber at New York Concert

The concert in New York was attended by a famous music video director Blake Farber...

Brazil: Trabalho duroa levou Anitta ao estrelato, diz nova-iorquino que dirigiu clipe

O novaiorquino Blake Farber, tem uma forte relação com o Brasil, tanto por ter dirigido o clipe de Meiga e Abusada, o primeiro empurrão sério para a carreira de Anitta em direção ao pop, quanto por ter morado quatro meses no país em 2012.

India: From Hollywood to Bollywood: MV Director Blake Farber To Make His Directorial Venture In India

Eminent American MV director, Blake Farber, who worked previously with top stars is set to direct a video in India.

Korea: Live from Seoul: K-Pop and the Beat of Life

An interview with American music video director Blake Farber who visited Seoul, Korea last week to explore working with K-Pop artists...

Blake Farber Music Video Director - Creative Spotlights

Interview with Blake Farber, music video director